Physical Gatherings

Our regular Light Circle in the New Forest is on Sunday afternoons at Emery Down.

ascension 2017 orig

Above, the heartwarming 7.7 Personal Awakening Day I held with my friend Sarah Williams in Romsey on what felt like the hottest day of 2018!

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I've been arranging groups for many years in and around Southampton, UK, and also, more recently, further afield in Glastonbury. These began in my home as a 'Cygnus' book club in 2006, developing into the monthly 'Good Vibrations' group which met from 2008-10. A couple of holistic fayres and healing workshops led me on to creating what I call a 'Light Circle', where we come together to co-create a space of greater understanding and knowledge, tapping into our higher aspects for information and healing.

We've gathered at Solstices and Equinoxes sharing many beautiful experiences, in groups small and large, inside and out, and I've collaborated with soul family on several occasions.

Since June 2015 I've enjoyed co-creating with the lovely Jackie White of Inspirations PLG who has hosted our 'Ascension Circles' - with Paul Dobree-Carey and Tim Whild.

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Below, Winter Solstice Ascension Circle 2017 (Photo with kind permission from Paul).

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Below, the beautiful 11.11.11 Multidimensional Awakening Gathering in 2018


Below, 8.8.2020 - Light Circle on the Tor, Glastonbury with Rebecca Williams

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