The Return of the Thirteen

Like the child who has been bullied and shamed, mocked and shunned

the Thirteen has been waiting quietly in the shadows

O Divine Temptress, beautiful fulfiller of promises

Creatrix of the Highest Order

Today on this Day of Venus, the Thirteenth of November 2020

We retore you to your rightful place

as Divine Feminine, Goddess of Potential.

From Dark to Light

Emerge from your sacred cave today

For we welcome you with excitement, celebration and Love.

Please forgive us for misusing you in the worst possible ways

You are beautiful beyond what we could possibly have imagined.

Please invite us into your sumptuous caves of deep nurturing and restoration,

and teach us how to work with your Divine Creative force, for the Highest Good of All.

We respect and revere your immense power as architect of intricate structures of reality

and we vow today, this Thirteenth day, to use you only

in accordance with the Highest Laws of Creation.

We will teach our children and our grandchildren how to honour you and respect you

as the Divine Goddess of Potential in our Earth plane that you truly are

We love you and we thank you.

(Received on 13/11/20)