The Cosmic Reconnection

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The Christ Consciousness Cosmic Reconnection reminds us of our connection with All That Is.  It reignites our dormant energy links with Source.  We already know, and many of us work with, the meridian energy lines and points on the human body.  Therapies like acupuncture, acupressure and EFT all work on the basis that when energy, or chi, flows freely along these meridian lines, the body is healthy and happy.  What we've forgotten is that these circuits are linked to a wider grid of energy lines and points - the ley lines of the Earth, and on outwards into the grid of Universal intelligence, or Light, and Source.  By deliberately reactivating certain points and lines on the human body with a line of high frequency Light energy from the higher dimensions, we can 'wake up' the connection which humanity has with the whole.  The illusion of separation lifts a little more.

To receive the Christ Consciousness Cosmic Reconnection, which is given in two parts, you just need to make yourself comfortable - on your back preferably, with your arms loosely at your sides - in a place where you can be undisturbed for an hour each time.  You don't need to actively do anything at all, just relax while I draw lines over your body and activate the various points and lines. You may feel tingling, see colours, feel sleepy, feel cool or hot, hear voices, see images... the list is endless!  It's a good idea to have socks on and a blanket to hand, as sometimes you can feel very cold.

Each session will last around 50 minutes, and you'll probably know when it's finished.  You may wish to continue to lie there a little longer to assimilate your experience, then come back gradually. Afterwards, drinking water is a good idea, and grounding with something to eat will help you to concentrate if necessary.

I hold group distance sessions for these when I'm guided - often on special dates like the December Solstice, 21.12 (a 3.3 day), and March 3rd or 21st, which is at the Spring Equinox. See 'Upcoming Events'.

Here are just a few excerpts from the feedback I've received, for which I am so grateful.....
I felt the wrapping of my body in white light (Lisa, U.S.)
The whole ME is feeling totally fallen in LOVE (Andrea, Germany)
I started singing in a strange language, hands were moving going up high, like they were dancing to the songs that were coming out of my mouth. (Daphne, Netherlands)
I think here I was singing in a language foreign to me..... Waves of love, warmth, peace and quiet (Tania)
The whole time I felt light as if I was floating/being lifted up, such a blissful feeling....I had a vision of myself lying on a crystal bed, shafts of golden white light beaming down into my body in all directions from above and a circle of Angels around me singing. (Kryssy)
Towards the end violet light started emanating from my whole body outwards. (Josa)
Aware of archangels and ascended masters and... their joy that this connective work is being done. Several really deep and beautiful experiences of complete Oneness and merging with the entire Universe/s. All channels and grids moving, flowing, interweaving. Intense vibration throughout body. (Helen, Scotland)
I had a vision of each one of us connecting in a circle of Golden White Light. I saw the ley lines of Mother Earth light up gradually, and begin to pulsate.... I was told that the Christ Consciousness energy was activated. (Judy, U.S.)