Quantum Healing & Multidimensional Integration Course

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A Quantum Healing and Multidimensional Integration facilitator 3-day course with Sally Sherin
Next course:
Fri 8th - Sun 10th September 2023, 10am-5pm x 3 days (non-residential)
at Winchester Yurt, nr Sparsholt College, Hampshire
This will be followed on Sunday 8th October by our first QHMI Facilitator Day!
Please use the contact form to register your interest!
This is an experiential and interactive course in regression and quantum healing techniques, to enable you to support others to experience a greater connection with their Higher Selves.
We explore ways of holding space for another to enter the deeply relaxed state where it is possible to access our higher wisdom.
As a participant you will experience group ‘regression’/deep deep relaxation whilst raising your frequency, which opens access to your multidimensional wisdom and higher awareness, assisting you to move forward with your soul mission in this lifetime.
The course content will be shared in an interactive way - within a small group of up to 12 - to enable exploration, discussion and questions as we go.
We’ll work in pairs and threes to practice some of the methods and techniques which I will share with you from my eleven years of experience with clients and groups in this field.
The course will explore:
Brainwave states and frequency
Listening and questioning skills
Holding high-frequency space and setting intentions
Use of the voice and language
How to lead your client into the quantum field
How to take yourself into the quantum field
Structuring a session effectively
Integration of your own divine skills and abilities
My wish and intention is to create an enjoyable, stimulating and fulfilling experience for you as healing facilitators and an opportunity for you to explore and expand your potential.
Groups always come together in a perfect way, with divine synchronicity and we’ll work together to expand on what we each already do.
Course structure:
3 days 10am-5pm
Energy exchange £333 (deposit £111 please)
Booking: to reserve your place please contact me via the contact form on this website and wait until I confirm a place is available before you send any deposit, thank you.