Online Quantum Healing & Multidimensional Integration

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Would you like to journey to meet your other aspects of SELF? Would you like to understand your previous lifetimes on Earth and in the other dimensions? Do you have issues in this current lifetime which you a ready to resolve, once and for all?

I am now offering one-to-one healing and integration sessions by Zoom. You will journey into a state of deep awareness and meet higher versions of yourSELF - your Higher Self. Bring your current challenges and questions, as well as anything you have always wanted to know about this lifetime, and together we can navigate the realms of greater understanding.

I channel higher-frequency light vibrations and use my voice (which also carries codes and frequency-patterns) to lead you into a deeply relaxed state - the brainwave state of Theta. We journey together through appropriate scenarios of your past lives, your parallel lives, your life-between-lives and maybe your future, or potential lives. We meet your Higher Self and ask questions and receive explanations, understanding, resolution and healing.

These sessions last around three hours and require a very good internet connection and previous experience of meditation or visualisation. You will receive a recording of the main part of your session, complete with healing frequencies, via mp3 download. This can be used regularly to understand more and to continue with physical healing where appropriate.

My fee is £222 (GBP). Please contact me via the email form on this website under the 'contact' menu item in the first instance, and we'll arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

I am also now also offering a shorter session of QHMI online - for those of you who wish to dip your toe in the experience! You can bring a couple of questions for your higher self, and we will journey to connect with your HS to find out what is most relevant for you to know at this time. This is a good way to start strengthening your connection and communication with your HS, which is always with you and always waiting to guide you and support you.

Intro QHMI sessions take roughly an hour and a half and I charge £111.