Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

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I've been a QHHT practitioner for ten years now, and have worked with hundreds of amazing clients!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) was developed by Dolores Cannon over a period of 40 years.  Known affectionately as 'the grandmother of hypnotherapy', Dolores began working with hypnosis in 1968.  Initially she worked with the usual requests - giving up smoking, losing weight and so on - but a breakthrough came when a client 'accidentally' visited a past life!  In the early days Dolores worked with her husband, and they found that a subject would spontaneously heal from a complaint whilst observing or re-experiencing a past life trauma.

Another breakthrough in this remarkable work came when Dolores discovered how to access the 'Subconscious', higher self, or Source of all things.  Once a past life has been experienced and the client is 'between lives', it is possible to speak to Source for guidance, answers and instant healing. Dolores used the 'somnambulistic' trance state, or Theta brainwave state, to hold the client in a very deep but safe trance.  This is the realm of miracles and the 'impossible'.

I was very lucky to train as a QHHT practitioner with Dolores herself when she was in the UK in 2011, and have since been using this amazing process with those who wish to unravel their blockages, understand why they have certain issues and resolve them, clear past-life vows or agreements which may be unnecessarily affecting the current lifetime, experience the benevolent healing energy of Source and maybe even visit other planets and dimensions!

In the summer of 2014, I also completed the Advanced Level 2 course with Dolores and Julia Cannon in Glastonbury - a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was led to take part through a series of synchronicities, even when my logical mind thought I didn't need to do so at that time. Then in October of that year, Dolores sadly passed away. It then made sense why I had to be there, and Dolores is, of course, now helping us with her sessions 'from the other side'.

I'm finding now that we are not always taken to see past lives as a matter of routine: it seems this is becoming less necessary as we evolve on our ascension paths. We are sometimes taken instead to visit our star families, and/or parallel dimensions, to help us understand what we are actually doing here in these physical bodies now on planet Earth. As we are now in the throes of 'ascension' - with our bodies vibrating at higher and higher frequencies - many of us are feeling an urgency to know exactly what we are supposed to be doing, and a strong desire to therefore access our higher selves for guidance.

We can view your pre-birth planning session: an opportunity to understand what you desired to experience in this lifetime, and what agreements you made with others in order to help each other to grow. We can also ask to meet the various guides and angels who are helping you through these challenging times.

A QHHT session takes around 4-5 hours, half of which is consultation and feedback time.  You are usually in the deeply relaxed, or 'regressed', state for between 90 minutes and 2 hours.  My rate for a QHHT session is £277.

You are invited to bring about ten questions with you to your session - anything you want healing or answers for. Afterwards you are given a recording of your session, so that you can experience it again and again, complete with the healing vibrations. Further insights are often obtained, and the healing process continues.

For clients who would like to experience a second session, these are usually shorter (around 3-4 hours) and I charge £222.

Dolores explains QHHT on her website here.